New bar spy - Avobar

You knew it was coming: London's first ever avocado bar is finally here


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What they say:

It's a tough old life, being a millennial. The older generation blames us for not being able to afford rent, calls us offended snowflakes for not liking racism with the red-faced bluster of someone who's definitely racist, and says we're lazy despite working such long hours a week we've all forgotten the faces of our mums. And when we ask for one thing - one green, fresh orb of goodness in this hell life - it's blamed for the world's problems. WELL NO MORE. It's time to eat avocado without shame. Meet the Avobar, a bar dedicated to delivering avocado-based dishes to the hungry masses to eat in and takeaway. While there aren’t too many details at the moment, the interior of this Covent Garden restaurant is supposed to evoke a relaxed Californian vibe, complete with living plant walls and natural materials.

What we say:

You’ll be surprised to find out that the Avobar serves avocado. But if you're expecting the half-arsed brunch menu of the greasy spoon on your corner, don't worry, it's not just toast with a bit of salmon – though they’re serving from breakfast straight to dinner, so it is that too. You can feast on a menu of avocado carpaccio, avocado hot cakes, green shakshuka and more. However, if you want a bit more fish with your dish, there’s options like avocado and spicy tuna on crispy rice, as well as avocado tuna tartar and eggplant fries with avocado dip. Even desserts aren’t safe from assimilation at this brunch Borg, as they’ll be offering up dishes like white chocolate avo Twix bars among other Instagrammable sweet treats. Leading up to the opening of their permanent site, they'll be running a daytime pop-up in Covent Garden, Thursday to Sunday, from 10am to 5.30pm.