The Banker - Pub Review

The Banker is a Fuller's Group gastropub located only a few moments stroll away from Monument Station. It’s happily perched alongside the Thames and serves top notch British grub. Whether you’re dining or drinking, you can bank on having an exceptional time thanks to its picturesque location and relaxed atmosphere.

The Venue

Tucked away on the corner of Cousin Lane exists The Banker; a snazzy, two-storey gastropub. Scenic views of the Thames and glittering snippets of Tower Bridge can be seen from both inside and outside the pub, helping to make the venue the ideal location for a relaxing bite to eat or after work beverage.

Stepping through the double doors we were greeted by an intimate bar area covered in authentic brick-work and quirky blackboard signs that bear quotes from famous figures like F Scott Fitzgerald. A great feature of the downstairs area was the length of the bar; it leaves plenty of elbow room to order in comfort, which is a must in a busy bar like The Banker. Once we were lead upstairs we were struck by two stand out features, the Victorian style Arches and the waves of the Thames (that could be seen through the large scale windows that lined the whole dining area). One thing is for sure, if you go to this striking venue you won’t have to fight for a table with a view. Wooden chairs, ruby red and enticing green leather seats fill the intimate area and add to the cosy rustic feel of the venue.

The Banker's tranquil riverside setting makes for an easy-going atmosphere.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

For a bleak and rainy Wednesday The Banker had an upbeat TGI Friday vibe with plenty of chat and laughter escaping the crowd. While the name of the venue might point towards city slicker clientele, The Banker was filled with an eclectic mix of people including city folk for after work drinks, old friends catching up over some nibbles and couples on chilled romantic dates. The atmosphere of the pub was warm and relaxed which is most certainly needed after hitting the mid-week slump that a lot of us are prone to. The music - which drifted soothingly from the downstairs bar - was low key and chilled, which meant we could happily exchange conversation whilst avoiding the generic question of "what did you say" which happens only too often in pubs.

Stop by The Banker, where a TGI-Friday vibe reigns supreme all week.

The Food and Drink

With an empty tummy waiting to be filled I examined the menu with hungry eyes whilst our waiter turned on his heel to fetch us a couple of glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. The first thing I scanned the menu for was the fish and chips, which I got a sneaky peak of as it left the kitchen. With this a definite choice and costing only £5.50, my partner and I chose a few more dishes to nibble on, including cheesy chips with spicy sausage, roasted vegetable and halloumi skewers, chicken and chorizo skewers and sausage rolls with caramelised red onion. With all this delicious food ordered I happily sipped my crisp Sauvignon and gazed upon the panoramic views of the Thames rolling by.

Our food arrived efficiently and promptly, coming presented on wooden boards with cute little pots containing the necessary condiments. Everything looked and tasted amazing, the batter for the fish was crisp and light, chips were hand-cut, the sausage roll pastry was risen and flaky whilst both skewers were cooked to perfection. Myself and my partner consumed a feast that was fit for a King.

Hearty pub classics come washed down with a crisp glass of wine or a trusted pint of real ale.


The Banker is the type of venue where no wrong decisions can be made. There are so many delicious and delightful choices, evidenced by the fact that we ordered no less than five dishes. It’s an all-rounder that can be a haven for any social outing mid-week or weekend and is sure to have you going home in a merry state of mind.