Situated in the heart of the ever-vibrant and famously quirky district of Camden, The Camden Eye sets out to bring a unique touch amongst the multitude of pub and bar restaurants in North London. Traditionally venues of this category in this part of London, seldom provide their guests with life changing food. It seems that where Camden excels in markets, live music, canal-side bars and quirk, it is let down by its inadequate provision of culinary gems. Hopefully The Camden Eye can change this.

Upstairs at The Camden Eye Upstairs at The Camden Eye 

The Venue

Situated in the heart of Camden and just across the road from Camden Town Station, this cosy venue is in an ideal location. The proximity to the station allows The Camden Eye to be the perfect pit stop for after work drinks, before a night out in other parts of London, or just to sit, eat, drink and partake in some serious people-watching. The venue itself is cosy and snug with tables both for sharing with strangers or for groups of friends. This allows you to always have a seat without the risk of greedy couch-hogs glaring disapprovingly as you approach their tables. The furniture falls into the ‘mismatched’ category, where you have Victorian leather sofas next to high, wooden, bar chairs. There is also a more formal dining area upstairs that is also available for private functions, intimate dining and parties.

The Camden Eye  The decor at The Camden Eye is modern yet warm and inviting 


The Atmosphere & Clientele

Despite its size The Camden Eye doesn’t feel overcrowded. This could be because of the proximity to the tube station – people will come in for a quick drink or bite, at the start or end of their journeys. Live music, poetry nights and DJ sets draws in an ever-changing crowd of hipsters, musos and locals that replace the lost tourists who have spilled out of Camden Town Station. There were trendies, yuppies, Goths, inbetweeners, builders and more – all side-by-side and harmlessly enjoying the tasty treats The Camden Eye had to offer.

The Main Bar at The Camden Eye  The main bar at The Camden Eye 

Food & Drink

Ales, draught, wines and spirits are the focus instead of cocktails at The Camden Eye. All of the wines and champagne are available by the glass; there is also a wide selection of cask ales, and bottled and draught beer. The pizzas were certainly the star of the show and for £10 were an absolute steal. With unique creations such as the Hoisin Duck Pizza and The Meaty Spaniard (Serrano ham, chorizo, salami, chillis); and a kitchen that opens until 3am there really is no beating the Camden Eye. The service was fast and friendly, and the food was delivered with a cheeky smile that said, “You are going to love this… great choice”. And love it I most certainly did. 



With a great venue, friendly staff, fantastic food and great central location, The Camden Eye ticks all the boxes. It’s a shame I live so far away but if ever I’m in the area there will be no excuses for going anywhere else.

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