The Gaslight Grill London - Restaurant Bar Review

Ladies and gentleman let me introduce you to the highly pleasurable establishment that is The Gaslight Grill. This British inspired steakhouse and Gin Palace is discreetly located within The Lost Angel and conjures up a masterpiece of delicious dining, crafted cocktails and an elegant 19th century setting that captures the imagination.

The Venue

To reach the The Gaslight Grill one must venture through The Lost Angel to find a small yet stunning dining room crammed to the rafters with artifacts and Victorian inspired furniture. Gramophones, horns, clocks and an eye-catching chandelier are just some of the stand out pieces that catch the eye, whilst smooth jazz and piano soundtrack proceedings.

the gaslight grill review 2

A stunning 19th century Steakhouse and Gin Palace.

The Ambience and Clientele

I’ve actually been twice to The Gaslight Grill (yes I liked it that much); it was fairly quiet and laid back mid-week but buzzes on Fridays and Saturdays, providing a perfect warm up to a big night out just a few steps away at the raucous Lost Angel at the weekend. The setting is romantic, electric and full of diners all reveling in the discovery of this London gem.

the gaslight grill review 3

Smart and sophisticated, The Gaslight Grill is a great drinking and dining experience.

The Food and Drinks

The kitchen makes a massive effort to follow the British produce calendar so the menu changes with the seasons. When I visited I devoured my crab starter and my date was adventurous with a pigeon dish that I couldn't stomach. The mains however are all about the juicy steaks and the accompanying sauces. I opted for a Fillet Steak (Tender Essex and Suffolk beef) and then choose three sauces from a selection of twenty that includes Lingham's chilli and Havana Rum, Smoky Bowmore Whiskey sauce and Hoxton Stout sauce that are served in cute pots alongside your steak. The cocktails are fresh, innovative and strong (a great partner for the steaks) and the wine list is plentiful, with our Argentinian Malbec leaving us suitably buzzed.  

the gaslight grill review 1

Delicious steaks and sauces at The Gaslight Grill.


For me The Gaslight Grill was pure time-travelling excellence, a creative and unique destination for dining and drinks in London that leaves a warm and extremely satisfying taste in the mouth.