Mariella de Souza

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A fan of Old Fashioneds, quills and foreign adventures.

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The Astronomer - London Pub Review


These days, I find nothing worse than squandering my evenings in a crap, backstreet watering hole. One could say Friday nights are to me what that One Ring was to wee...
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Bar Pepito King's Cross - London Bar Review

Bar Pepito
Kings Cross

Do you ever feel you’re living in London with your eyes wide shut? Oh, really? Perfect, I’m not alone. Arriving for our reservation, I suddenly realised I’d been to Varnisher’s Yard,...
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Sway - London Nightclub Review

Just off the Kingsway, on Covent Garden’s lovely Great Queen Street, Sway Bar offers a vibrant blend of classical and contemporary London. This buzzing restaurant/bar/club, attracts a smorgasbord of guests into its...
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