Other than being a stunning open space for photographic and film shoots during the weekdays, Loft Studios is making its own way through London nightlife, delivering a forward-thinking clubbing concept each weekend with impressive results. Geographically a West London club, Loft Studios actually has a trendy New York look and the classic East London party attitude.

loft studios london club review

Atmospheric disco balls shape the deep and soulful side of a mainly house/disco music programme.

The Venue

Located right between Willesden Junction and Kensal Green stations, Loft Studios is a spacious Victorian building, looking more like a wealthy artist's property rather than a night club. Set over two wide floors, the courtyard is where you'll find yourself once inside: the atmosphere is buzzing here, however the music is not too loud and it's the perfect set for mingling with people or just for a cheeky cigarette break.

loft studios club review

The courtyard is great on a summer night, chilling with a warm breeze and a drink.

Two main rooms with long dance floors come next, one on the ground floor and the other one (the main room) on the first floor. High-vaulted ceilings, exposed brickwork, large windows, disco balls and very soft red lights all combine to make you feel like you're raving in a warehouse party with that sexy disco fever giving the night an extra edge. As well as having the 'loft' bonus, you can move away from the sweaty and loud dance floor to the more chilled, yet still groovy, bar area towards the edge of the room.

There's one big bar on each floor and they both serve standard club drinks (no fancy cocktails here), however the ground floor bar tends to be less busy and it's highly recommended if you're after some quick service. Prices are pretty average for clubs in London: single mixer is £5, a double mixer costs £8 and a beer is £4. 

Loft Studios London Club Review

Loft Studios has a dreamy disco atmosphere which makes a unique London clubbing experience.

The Music and Atmosphere

Loft Studios is definitely one of those London nightclubs with an eclectic and innovative approach to music programming, trying to blend the best retro tunes with the new prolific electronic scene: Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and Derrick Carter are just a few of the big names who have recently put on cracking live sets here. I had the pleasure to attend a night with Soul Clap, Nick Monaco and Night Plane playing in the main room and I can happily say that all of my pre-night expectations were more than satisfied.

Loft Studios has a top Funktion-One audio system, charming live acts, a late night license (6.00am) and great attention to detail; with all these facets coming together, they attract a laid-back crowd (average 25-30), yet with a raving attitude, with the result being a very friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

loft studios london club review

Soul Clap's unique style, showcasing their best tunes at one of London's best clubs.


Loft Studios is probably one of the newest clubs in London, however they have already gained a reputation as a top destination for both music lovers and late night revellers. The reason? Probably the fact that it feels more like partying in your rich friend's living room rather than in a nightclub. A must visit.