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This venue has now closed.

Rise Superclub in Leicester Square is set across 3 floors, with 2 rooms of banging tunes from top international DJs, trust us when we say that this place is huge.

Promising to offer a high class London clubbing experience, expect stunning decor, celebrity guests and A-list performing talent form across the globe. Rise aim to bring some of the top features from some of the best party destinations to London; so expect a little slice of Las Vegas, Dubai, Moscow, Ibiza and San Tropez to be at this Leicester Square clubbing giant.

With a capacity of 1000, Rise Superclub is a massive destination for everyone who loves a night of top quality clubbing in the West End; expect a glittering crowd containing the young glamorous party goers of Central London. Ideal for a memorable night out partying in the heart of London. 


£10 Earlybird // £20 OTD
Happily Affordable ££
Leicester Square
Smart, No sportswear


Day Open Close Notes
22:00 03:00
22:00 03:00
22:00 03:00
22:00 03:00
22:00 03:00
22:00 03:00
22:00 03:00


Rise Superclub
1 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7NA

Central London

Nearest station:
Leicester Square (Tube)
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Arrived at Rise on Halloween for a club night, had pre-bought my ticket using the Fatsoma App, I was directed away from my friends and advised by the bouncers to "enter through the smoking area" which was more than a little strange. Then, I was informed that I would have to pay full price for the ticket (£10) despite having already paid £10+£1 booking fee for my e-ticket, immediately after paying my money and being stamped by the bouncer at the entrance to the smoking area (again, very strange), I was dragged through the venue and out the front doors by the same bouncer, on the premise that I had become too drunk (in the period of paying for my ticket, apparently) and when I contested this, I was thrown to the floor and continually restrained by the bouncer until the police arrived. Left with a massive gash on my forehead and cuts to my elbow and knee, there was definitely excessive force used by a bouncer (not like that's unexpected from a door supervisor though, these days!) Looking back on it now, it appears that the bouncer just wanted to take the £10 for himself, a small amount of money I know, but having worked in nightclubs previously I know that door staff do frequently abuse their power in ways like this, so as to 'make money on the side', and if they do this to say, 10 people over a night, then that's an extra £100 in their pocket. And the police will obviously take the side of the door staff as they are sober and the patron has been drinking. All in all, heavy handed bouncers who abuse their powers, just out for themselves and willing to bend/break the rules to suit themselves and line their own pockets.
02 Nov 2014 by

My friend and I went to Rise on a wednesday night. We are both students in uni and the club was a little old for us. Rise played great music and they had a good drink deal, 2 for the price of one. I've heard it is the best on the weekends, specifically sunday. For a wednesday night Rise was a decent club.
05 Jun 2014 by

Worst club ever! Me and my friend are from Germany and we wanted to have a good night out in london. Well, we didn't choose wisely. The bouncer was hitting on us, which was annoying but okay.... then we went upstairs for the toilets (no toilet paper). The cloakroom was way to expensive as they charge 2 £ for each item. I stuffed my blazer in the bag as I was not willing to pay for both blazer and jacket. My friend put her hat in her jacket's arm arm and gave it to the guys there. Then we went to the dancefloor (only one as the other floor was occupied with a private party). It was awful... half naked girls dancing around with machines producing fire sparks which smelled like you are in a garage or something... the whole atmosphere reminded me of cheap lloret de mar parties. We did not like it at all and wanted to leave asap. So we went to the cloakroom and wanted our things back. They managed to loose my friend's hat of course. The said it would have fallen on the ground and it is not there, so it is gone or we did not even give it to them and there is nothing they could about it. They were really annoyed with us when we asked them to check again. I never ever experienced such rude people before. So we left without the hat, came across the manager who was equally annoyed and couls not be bothered. To sum it up: 10£ entrance fee p.p., 2 £ cloakroom p. Jacket, no hat anymore, no fun at all. Worst night ever! It is a shame we wasted our night out in london in such a club.
23 Mar 2014 by

Went here on the 7th march 2014. The guy that lured us into the place "Rufus" offered us an entry of £10 each stating that this was half price, when in fact that was the standard price. He then promised us that you can buy bottles of becks for £4.50. We entered the club, were forced to pay £2 for each jacket (2 of us) the staff were really rude, from the head bouncer who was smooching his fat munt of a girlfriend all night to the annoying bar staff who revealed that the bottles of becks we were promised actually cost £6.50. We decided to leave the club after 5 mins of dancing on the sleaze ball infested dance floor and brought our issue up with the door staff, who passed us on to the completely uninterested head bouncer and his horrible girlfriend, who passed us on to the owner of the club who just happened to walk by. He told us to go speak to the rep outside that ha promised us the £4.50 drinks and to tell him that the owner wants a word with him and his promotions team. When I got outside and confronted Rufus, 3 of his mates instantly sprung from the crowd and took me away from Rufus, questioning me and my motives, asking if I couldn't afford to be in a place like that and then offering me drugs... I was outraged. So I tried to get back to speak to the owner again but I wasn't allowed back in the club and the bouncers were not interested at all. Horrible place.
08 Mar 2014 by

The whole experience could only be classed as bad. Came here for part of my hen party but left before the end of the show. We had booked for 14 of us yet the booth reserved could only hold 10. Worse yet, the booth was by the door with a cold draft and by the main entrance and thoroughfare so the girls on the edge of the booth kept getting bumped into or stepped on. The buffet food was worse than a 2 minute microwave meal. The food was on a different floor and did not have enough seating so a couple of my friends ended up kneeling at the table to eat. When I asked one of the waiters whether they had some spare chairs, he rudely and aggressively replied "Where am I gonna get chairs from?!" followed by "No!" The entertainment itself was OK, but not enough to make up for the poor service and misleading advertising. If you want a place that will make you and your group feel welcome, and appreciate the fact that you have paid to come there, then stay away from this place. The only thing I might recommend is the show if you want a laugh, but don't expect good service or good food.
23 Feb 2014 by

Really cool venue and great atmosphere. Downstairs has a huge dance floor surrounded by tables and a separate VIP section. The 5th floor has amazing views over Leicester square and loads of booths. Came here once a while ago and wasn't sure, but this time I was impressed.
18 Feb 2014 by

Not very busy, overpriced drinks and the music went off for about 10-15 mins due to a technical fault , shame really as the venue itself is good.
29 Dec 2013 by

DO not waste your time or your money we went here for a birthday party for three people, There was in total maybe 25 of us arriving at different times when in the queue I noticed the doormen turning away people at random these people had tickets and were dress correctly, I started to see many upset people who were asking for an explanation to why they was not allowed in.
03 Dec 2013 by

This place is FUN. Really big and a place to explore, music is the sort of chart stuff you want to dance to at the weekend, girls get dressed up which is nice and it has a real buzz about it, way better than the other Leicester Square clubs.
10 Sep 2013 by

Absolutely terrible experience with their general manager Chase McGuiness.( If it`s his real surname, because he refused to show me his ID card) So basically we were celebrating my friends birthday and it was 9 of us. We were thinking to order bottle of house vodka to the table. So I went and ask bartender for the price. She said it would cost a 100 pounds for bottle of smirnoff. So we collected money and I went to buy it. This time it was their GM Chase McGuiness serving myself at the bar. So when I asked him the price for the same item again he told me it`s 170 pounds now. I was like: sorry but your bartender just told me it`s 100 pounds. He was confused for a second then looked at his watches and said: Oh, you know prices rise after 12 am. I realised that it sounds dodgy, so I asked him to show me their menu with all their prices. He said that they don`t have a menu for their house spirits! (Basically he can simply make up any price comes to his mind) So he told me if I gonna ask him anymore questions or annoy him more He will kick me out of the club. I said ok we gonna buy it but I will need a VAT receipt. So he walked off and call the security and ask him to kick me off. All my friends saw the situation and were totally shocked. So security tooke me out of the club after 20 minutes I came there and paid 10 pounds for the entry. Of course they refused to give my entry fee back when I asked it. I wasn`t even tipsy yet, because we just came 20 minutes ago to celebrate my friends birthday. I came there at 11.55 pm, 5th of August 2013. And had an awful experience. Their general manager was extremely rude to me and "comment being moderated". So I strongly DO NOT recommend you to visit this place. They just charge you one price at the beginning and then rise it without the any reason.
05 Aug 2013 by

There aren't too many clubs in Leicester square that are worth the entry fee's but I thought Rise was great! Atmosphere is electric as its a big venue, lots of party people, girls get dressed up which is nice and the DJs play all those sing a long chart stuff and house. FUN.
21 Jun 2013 by

Buzzing to see what this place is like inside! Looks like it might actually live up to the 'superclub' tag!

16 May 2013 by

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