Volupte' Afternoon Tea With Burlesque Show

Volupte' transforms a traditional afternoon tea into a sexy but classy affair with burlesque performances and dancers. Similar to Sunday's Afternoon Tease, Saturday's Voluptea features champagne, finger sandwiches, pretty cakes and tea accompanied by live music, burlesque acts and sultry singing.

 Volupte' offering Afternoon Tea, Cocktails and a fabulous burlesque show

Décor and Vibe

Volupte€™ is an almost hidden supper club in an anonymous street just off Chancery Lane. The name of the place tells a lot about the venue. Volupté in French translates as intense pleasure that is both sensuous and spiritual, ecstasy,bliss.€¨ Dripping in decadence, it is no wonder that the word Volupté was chosen to represent this fabulous flapper fantasyland. You'll be instantly transported to the 1920s at the height of vaudeville burlesque in a way that you haven't been since watching Moulin Rogue and secretly wishing that Ewan McGregor would serenade you in a Parisian loft. A large V above the front door confirms you are in the right place. The ground floor hosts a bar with a retro atmosphere where you can order a 2 €“for-1 cocktail while waiting to be seated for the show. Old lamps, a vintage clock and an old mute movie being played on a screen give you an idea of what to expect downstairs into the boutique club. At the bottom of the stairs past a velvet curtain, you will find yourself in a dimly lit smoky basement supper club. A piano and drums occupy part of the stage while the rest of the club is filled with small tables. An old fashioned garden area with a sofa, a bird cage and a clashing glittering disco ball suddenly remind the guests Alice in Wonderland€™s atmosphere, enhanced by the Grandma-style bone China tea sets. Meanwhile, old style sexy pictures on the walls remind you why you came. The only odd element was the wall décor, more appropriate for a Japanese restaurant rather than for a supposedly decadent and sultry London burlesque club.  

Volupte' Burlesque club-interior

Clientele and atmosphere

Volupte€™s Burlesque shows appeal to a clientele mostly over 30, men, couples or friends. The environment is intimate and dimly lit but you can€™t fail to notice the attention paid to attire by the performers and the guests: last Saturday all the guests made a remarkable effort to dress up, some even tried 1940s looks which created a classy yet fun atmosphere. Volupte brings the original playful atmosphere so typical of first American burlesque shows of the 1880s. Entertainment with a top level afternoon tea with all the trimmings and a glass of bubbly would cost you £42, not an extortionate price if you consider that several upmarket afternoon teas at hotel restaurants may cost at least £30, without any form of entertainment. 


Food and drink

Volupte€™ afternoon tea is a classy experience. They use Bone China tea service sets and they serve top quality food to accompany one of the leading Cabaret shows in London. At first once seated you can choose among normal teas or €œalcoholic teas€ (£ 12), they are hot cocktails with various spirits and tea used as mixer. I had an Amaretto: Amaretto di Saronno, Earl Grey Tea and Double Cream. Their names sound all more than inviting. My friend was amazed by the smoky taste of his Gunfire Tea: Lapsang Souchong Tea and Dark Rum. The show started after Champagne and some deliciously filled sandwiches were served. More tea was poured (Black Tea Rose Congu) and after the break we finally tasted Volupte€™ scrumptious scones, mini éclairs and meringues. As for the sandwiches, they were really delicious, just out from the oven. There was enough food to fill you up and satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. The bar upstairs boasts a wide selection of classic and signature cocktails ranging from £ 7.50 for spirit and mixers to £12 for their own €œshow stoppers€. The Staff were friendly and we were given a good table just by the stage.

Volupte' afternoon tea

Music and Event

Voluptea Burlesque show features several Burlesque Belles, dancing singing, playing piano and teasing guests, inducing them to participate to the show. Last Saturday Vicious Delicious acting as compere introduced other Belles: Vicky Butterfly and Chrys Columbine along with Christian Lee performing some magic tricks. They are all internationally known performers, who had performed on the best stages worldwide. Burlesque is all about comic acts, seduction and tease specially in the clothing department. Volupte€™s Belles were dancing wearing fishnet stockings, suspenders, boa shrug and colorful vintage corsets, so it is not for the faint hearted. The show in itself was never gross despite a couple of comic strips. Live piano Jazz Music, some Charleston, Tip Tap with a dollop of Chopin played by one of the girls were Voluptea€™smusical entertainment.

Vicious Delicious,Volupte's Burelsque Belle, compere and singer



Volupte€™ gets it right on many levels: the food is very good, and the entertainment is unique and eye-catching. Add to this a sultry atmosphere infused with subterranean touches and niche performers, there is no doubtthat Volupte€™ is one of the best Burlesque clubs in London. Go get some some Burlesque into your life!