A Bedroom Floor Boozer: We Sampled Signature Brew's Pub In A Box

Signature Brew Pub In A Box Review DesignMyNight

Signature Brew are boxing up your local and throwing in their own lush beers to boot.

It’s been a long, cold, lonely lockdown without the pubs by our side, and it could be an even longer time before we get to enjoy them as we once did, but for the meantime Signature Brew are stepping up to fill a much-needed space with their Pub In A Box (from £25). Bringing the best of your local boozer to your door, the Walthamstow brewery are sending out much more than just beer, with quizzes, playlists and accessories galore included in one neat package. 

Upon arrival in my hallway, the box was immediately set upon by my three pub-starved housemates. The smallest package they offer still carries eight of their core beers, making it perfect for a chill night with your flatmates. But it's their quiz that really elevates the experience. Signature, as a brand, ties themselves closely to live music, working with acts like Idles, Mogwai and Frank Turner to create collaboration brews. Suitably, their quiz is tough set of music history trivia, that even your most well-listened pal will struggle to succeed at - how many members were there in B*Witched? 

Their beers are composed around a similar theme, taking their names from different aspects of live and recorded music. The Nightliner, for instance - a nod to the sleeper coaches used to take bands and their crews on tour - is a deep and delicious coffee porter that is certain to keep you awake until the next venue. Similarly, their Studio Lager is a simple, refreshing and undeniably drinkable offering, as perfect for a live session as it is for an at-home one. And to tie this neat bundle together in true pub fashion? They’ve even provided snacks and hardware in the form of crisps, salty peanuts, a Signature branded schooner and even a coaster to keep the rings off your coffee table.  

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A lockdown must-have that might just become a mainstay, Signature Brew’s Pub In A Box is bringing the boozer to you with a musical twist. Whether you’re gifting it to the whole gang or keeping the spoils for yourself, they’re offering quality, quantity and some mighty challenging quiz questions to keep you entertained until the gigs are back on.

Signature Brew's Pub In Box starts from £25 for 8 cans, snacks, glassware, coasters and a pub quiz. And if you're looking for more brew-spiration? Read up on where to find some of the best craft beer in London.