Slab City Detroit Pizza: 5 Reasons You Need To Know (And Will Love) This Tooting Restaurant

slab city pizza tooting

This one's for the pizza people.

Be honest, your ability to care has been limited. You tried to like your boyfriend and you want to be close to your friends, but in reality? There's only one thing you really love, and that's pizza. 

Tooting's Slab City Detroit Pizza are the definition of pizza. And you're gonna go mad for 'em.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It's tucked away in Broadway Market and gives you that true 'insider city knowledge' feel.
  2. You can grab by the slice if you don't have time for the whole pie.
  3. The pizza is served square, and is dedicated to Detroit authenticity. Deep pan all the way.
  4. Additions include flavour of the moment: hot honey. 
  5. It's £5 slices and £5 pints every Thursday.

Slab City Detroit Pizza can be found at Broadway Market, Unit 33-35 Tooting, London SW17 0RJ. While you're here? Why not sign up for our newsletter to get more news like this straight to your inbox.