Play Table Shuffleboard and drink Patron cocktails at Shoreditch's Little Shuffle Club

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Little Shuffle Club Shoreditch

A mini-shuffleboard experience laced with tequila - sounds like a dream. 

It’s the game everyone in Scandinavia is obsessed with (seriously, that’s where this all started) and now it’s infected London like a benevolent, Sunday afternoon virus. Little Shuffle Club is bringing everyone’s new favourite game in table form, with two sixteen foot classic shuffleboard tables – and one reserved for walk-ins too. But that’s not all: they’ve got a UK exclusive in the form of The Snapback table. While it may sound like it’s created from the hat collection of that annoying guy in the gym that spends too much time looking in the mirror, it’s actually a rebound version of the game complete with electronic scoring.

But Shuffleboard isn’t the only string to these guys’ bow. Their bar is cocktail heavy, with a focus on exclusive Patron mixes for those with burning taste for coffee tequila, as well as a decent beers and wines menu. If you love competitive double date nights or just like owning your colleagues on a regular basis, you’ve just found the perfect place.   

The Little Shuffle Club is open now and found at 2 Ebor Street, Shoreditch, E1 6AW. Tickets cost £20.