Where To Drink Goth Cocktails In London

Whether it's a lifestyle choice, or you just wear a lot of black, this city's more gothic cocktail bars are here to furnish you with drinks to match your aesthetic - however deep it goes. From chic hotel bars with a passion for the occult, to vampiric absinthe basements and the molecular mixologists serving up sips that go bump in the night, we're looking into the best places to drink goth cocktails in London.

The Bloomsbury Club

One of the city's most gorgeous hotel bars is also home to one of the gothest cocktail menus in London. Sat just shy of Bloomsbury Square, this luxe watering hole comes decked out in leather and velvet, but it's the drinks that really lend it some gothic credence. Paying homage the work of bohemian occultist Pamela 'Pixie' Colman Smith, their 14-strong selection takes influence from the mysterious art of tarot reading.

The Bloomsbury Bar Goth Cocktails London

Treat yourself to some fateful sips as this gorgeous Bloomsbury cocktail bar.

The Lost Boys & Croque Monsieur

Inspired by the greatest vampire movie to come out of the 80s - (a narrow miss for Once Bitten) - The Lost Boys pizzeria is known for kitsch charcoal-crust slices and pun-titled tipples. But hiding downstairs in the crypt? It's not the coffin a historic monster, but rather a bohemian basement bar serving up some of the most sensational goth cocktails in London - think an absinthe-misted Corpse Reviver #2 and lurid green Grasshoppers. 

Lost Boys Croque Monsieur Goth Bars In London

Vampy and full of very green cocktails: The Lost Boys is a must-visit bar for London goths.

The Alchemist

What happens when mad scientists decide they want to be mixologists? They fill out an application to The Alchemist. Offering a more modern take on the goth aesthetic, this chic bar group is all about enlivening libations and symbol-covered walls. If you're looking for sips that aren't quite what they seem, this spot promises something a little different for lovers of all spirits - light and dark.

The Alchemist Goth Cocktail Bar Old Street

You'll find some of the most curious sips in the city at The Alchemist.

The Last Tuesday Society

Home to an ever-changing line-up of unique drinks, this Mare Street haunt hopes to keep you on your toes when it comes to tipples. With a dedicated menu of absinthe-infused sips, you can grapple with the green fairy while surrounded by the cabinets of curiosities, or see if they can't sort you for a Witches Cradle - a signature potion made with coffee, custard apple and tobacco liqueur.

Last Tuesday Society Alternative London Cocktail Bar

Covered in curiosities and quirky cocktails, The Last Tuesday Society is one for the taxidermy lovers.

Bull In A China Shop

When it comes to pure aesthetics, the most goth cocktail in London can in fact be found at a Japanese fusion restaurant on Shoreditch High Street. Its menu fronts a vibrant line-up of colourful whisky cocktails, but like with every family, there's a black sheep. So next time you're looking for a drink the colour of your soul (or wardrobe)? Bull In A China Shop's charcoal and camomile Old Fashioned is the one for you.

Bull In A China Shop Goth London Cocktails

Stare into the abyss of Bull In A China Shop's charcoal-infused cocktail.

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