Fallow Has Launched A Bougie Chicken Shop Pop-Up With Inventive Dishes And Michelin-Starred Residencies

FOWL Fallow Chicken Pop-Up London | DesignMyNight

Chick it out - a triple crisp chicken fillet bun with cheese sauce is on the menu.

Right when you thought fried chicken couldn’t get much more mouthwatering, it’s received the ultimate upgrade from gastronomical game changers Fallow. As one of the most innovative and sustainable restaurants in the city, it’s now opened FOWL, which promises to be a ‘chicken shop like no other’. 

Around the corner from Fallow and inside St James’s Market, FOWL has taken over The Beau Brummell - a short-lived Cubitt House gastropub - and transformed it into a chic dining space. The menu has been devised with a ‘beak to feet’ approach. Fallow's chefs Will Murray and Jack Croft continue to follow their low-waste ethos, using pasture-raised, soy-free birds to create unique poultry dishes. You can expect triple crisp hot wings accompanied by sriracha mayo alongside chicken fat crème caramel. FOWL's drinks list is tempting too, featuring cocktails, wines and Guinness on tap. 

In addition to the set menu, Will and Jack are inviting some of their top chef friends to cook exclusive limited edition dishes. No biggie. Pierre Koffman, who boasts three Michelin stars under his belt, is kicking off the guest spot. He'll be making a chicken leg corn dog elevated by Aleppo pepper and La Grande Coque Pie alongside confit chicken hearts, livers and cockscombs. In November, Lennie Ware from food podcast Table Manners will feature.  

It’s official: bougie birds have entered the chat.

FOWL is now open on Norris Street, St James's Market, SW1Y 4RJ for walk-ins only. Fan of crispy wings? Check out our guide to the best fried chicken in London and sign up to our newsletter.