We Tried Vacuum-Packed Pizza From A UK Favourite

While ordering food to your door is not exactly a novel concept in 2021, the past year has seen pizza delivery really coming out of its greasy cardboard shell. Pre-pandemic, the Dodo Pub Co. were more regularly known for running fun and friendly boozers in Oxford, Cheltenham and Reading, but during lockdown the venue operators have pioneered their own method of getting restaurant-quality slices to the UK masses.

Dodo Pub Co Homebake Pizzas Review DesignMyNight

The wood fired pizzas arrive vacuum-sealed and ready to go when you are.

Offering ready-to-bake bites that go far beyond what you’d find in the frozen food aisle, the bases arrive in vacuum-sealed packs that are both generous in size and malleable enough to cram into the fridge. This is one of the greatest aspects of pizzas by post - you’re under no obligation to eat them straight away, but when you want them? They’re right there. Ours arrived on a Monday afternoon and were devoured on Tuesday evening. With simple but ingenious instructions (cook them on an upturned baking tray - who knew?), we were chowing down just ten minutes after sliding them out of the plastic sleeve.

Neapolitan pizzas have always been a favourite of mine, but with succulent toppings that packed a stunning amount of flavour these were particularly satisfying examples of the style. My choice of the Silly Salsiccia (£8) featured fragrant fennel sausage, wild broccoli, zingy chillies and plenty of ricotta and fior di latte cheese. My boyfriend opted for the Truffle Funghi (£8.50), which came coated in chopped ‘shrooms sprinkled with Gran Padano, truffle oil and more of that oh so creamy mozzarella.

The crowning glory though? The crusts. These chewy rinds are always best left until last, acting as the perfect vessel for whatever sauce you choose to hurl at them. Garlic and herb? Obviously. Chilli oil? A no-brainer. Dijon mustard? It’s unconventional but it works. The brand even offers their own squeezy bottle of garlic dip (£5) for those wanting the full Dodo Pub Co. experience.

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If you’re looking to switch up your usual delivery deal, Dodo Pub Co.’s homebake pizzas are a delicious, affordable and low-maintenance way to get your slice fix. Loaded with tasty and unique toppings, these doughy delights are hitting the spot with Neapolitan crusts and an exceptionally short packet-to-mouth wait time.

Dodo Pub Co.'s homebake pizzas are available nationwide and range from £6.50 to £8.50. If you're looking for more London takeaway inspiration, check out our guide to the city's best pizza deliveries here.