Rum Cocktails Delivered To Your Doorstep During Lockdown? Thank Duppy Share

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

home rum kit cocktail delivery london

We don't want none unless it's got rum, hun. 

We've all had to pivot a little when it comes to keeping ourselves entertained at home, and while some have adopted all things zen while others are tackling the jungles that have grown across their thumb-sized London patios, I for one will be continuing as normal... drinking while watching television.

Helping those who share in my favourite extra curricular activity? That would be one of the UK's most beloved rum brands. 

Making sure than no Netflix binge goes without a drink in hand, Duppy Share have launched 'Home Rum' this week as they deliver £20 drink kits to doorsteps, complete with Duppy Share Aged (20cl), Fever Tree Ginger Beer (2x 200ml) and two Duppy Share gold cups. Rumour has it... enough to last the length of a film, though we'll be the judge there.

Not only are deliveries keeping the thirsty at bay, Duppy Share will be donating all of their profits from sales to Hospitality Action, a charity whose main focus will be supporting a struggling industry during this daily changing crisis. 

Cheers to that. 

Home Rum is available from for £20. All profits from sales will be donated to Hospitality Action.