5 Reasons You NEED To Visit Market Halls Oxford Street

Food halls are still one of the city's favourite going out trends, and there's a group in London that does it seamlessly. Tucked just off Oxford Street, Market Halls are all about bringing impressive vendors, drinks options and live music to the hungry and the thirsty. But let's be honest, why should YOU go? We've got 5 reasons for you. 

The Food, Obviously 

Boasting 8 kitchens with 60+ dishes on offer, Market Halls is all about bringing you quality London names under one roof. So who's going to set your palate on fire?

  • Will it be the unmissable dim sum from Baoziin?
  • Malaysian street food from Gopal's Corner, including a folded roti with lamb and sambar?
  • Or maybe tacos at DF Tacos, notorious barbecue servings from Hotbox, or veggie burgers from the Chick Chick Crew?

To wash it down 2 bars serving up the best in classic cocktails, wines and spirits.

market halls oxford street

Roam the halls to find a dish that suits you.

Because You're A Music Lover Too

Market Halls are filling your Thursday nights with live music, where from 7pm, performers bring their sweet dulcet tones and energy to the 430 capacity space at their Eats & Beats night.

You're All About The Affordable

Monday nights at Market Halls are also about making eating out in the city more cost-effective for Londoners, where all traders offer one dish on their menu for just £5. Yep, less than a Freddo. 

You Don't Have To Leave The Pooch At Home

Does the idea of leaving your dog at home come dinner time break your heart? 1000s of London dog owners would probably agree, and we want to see them at Market Halls too thanks to their dog-friendly policy. 

Because You Need Diverse Dinner Options

Gluten-free? They've got it. Halal? They've definitely got options. Vegan? Yep, plenty of that too. Vegetarian? You know the answer to that one. No matter how diverse (or sometimes fussy) your group might be, Market Halls is serious and seriously good, about catering to all.

market halls london food

Okay, maybe reason number 6 is this burger?

For more information or to book a table at Market Halls Oxford Street, head here.