Brady’s has gained a reputation as the mermen and mermaids of the restaurant bizz. Opening up a larger site, right on the river by Wandsworth bridge, this destination is for a wholehearted lover of all things battered and a tentative courter of those mystical globs (oysters); and it was sure to be an enjoyable adventure into the high seas. 

The Venue

The venue is so close to the water’s edge that even a peckish pike could enjoy a few starters and a cocktail without any serious respiratory issues. It's glass fronted so that diners may look wistfully out at the twinkling London Riviera. 

Follow that most powerful of scents of frying fish n’ chips inside and be delighted by the most tasteful and witty up-scaled chippy in all the seven seas. Predatory wall sculptures swim on pristine white walls. Rustic light wood flooring suggest that the first mate is pretty damn good at deck scrubbing. Because seafaring folk like to feel the salt breeze on their glowing cheeks, there is a lovely little outside terrace complete with woolly blankets and lanterns. Shiver me timbers I’m sold.

brady's review london 1

Brady's decor is all rustic sea-side charm in the City. Where's my fishing rod? 

Food and Drink 

Over the romance of the amazing venue, the quality of the fresh fish or the pleasing interiors, what could be the main allure of Brady's? Well heck, it’s the weathered piratey dude behind the bar mixing up the medicine. Twinkling his blue eyes, he deftly mixed up an absolutely delicious Dark and Stormy like he’d been doing it all his life. The wine list is excellent and varied, including a great Pinot Noir for red wine drinkers looking to match their vino with their food. The mark up is also very reasonable.

I filled my boots with fish cakes, prawns and oysters from the mouthful friendly bar menu. Every savoured mouthful was the epitome of 'simple but good'. I managed to get my grasping mitts on a salmon fish cake, some beetroot cured smoked salmon and horseradish mayo as well as tiger prawns bigger than Hagrid’s finger. This lot will cost you all of £4.50, £5.95 and £5.50 respectively.

brady's london 2

Only my second oyster experience. Go ornnn get it down ya girl! 

The Atmosphere

A saxophonist baffooned away with understated passion in the corner. Knowing old gents after their fill of oysters and booze lounged about rakishly. A good smattering of young folk perched on stools sipping white wine and balancing their mulberries on their laps. People were generally having a thoroughly pleasant evening.

On a Thursday, Friday and Saturday I would imagine this joint murmurs tastefully rather than vibrates luridly. A peaceful seaside shack with just enough buzz, Brady's is the kind place I’d take my parents but perhaps not a raucous gaggle o’ mates.

brady's review london restaurant

Calling all little fishies. Sorry I'm eating your mates.


Brady's is a peaceful, very reasonably priced fishery in an unbeatable location. With the freshest of fish and the most cheerily relaxed service, I had absolutely no complaints. Simply put, it's a wonderful place to hide out in for an evening. I can only imagine the myriad of happy diners sailing home wearing contented, tranquil smiles. Job’s a good un’.