When I told a friend I was going to Bar Soho, all she said was, “you’ll love it”. So with high expectations I headed down to see if it could live up to the hype.

The Venue

Walking into Bar Soho is like walking into a playground for adults. It boasts some really colourful, themed areas, with impressive décor throughout.

In the main bar there are a great selection of areas and a couple of semi-private rooms to sneak into. I loved the theme park area with its carousel horse – really quirky and fun. We were then taken up to see the 'boudoir room' which is available for private hire and open to the public on days it isn't booked. I am not exaggerating when I say that this space is really awe-inspiring, I will certainly be booking it for one of my big birthdays. It is based on the home, so there is a bathroom area, a bedroom area and a main living area.

You could almost be partying at someone's house. The bedroom area has an actual bed to relax on whilst you sip away at your cocktail and natter with your chums; and in the bathroom area a bathtub is part of the seating arrangement, we loved it.

bar soho review

With comfy seating and a great vibe, Bar Soho is a great place for some after work drinks.

The Food and Drinks

We sat beneath a very interestingly decorated ceiling in the main bar and awaited our chosen cocktails. We weren't let down at all; Bar Soho’s drinks put on a real show with fire and glowing ice cubes, we felt like kids in a candy shop… it really is the little things that make a great experience even better.

The cocktails tasted really good too of course! Food wise we had a couple of really tasty platters with things like mini burgers, wedges, chicken wings and spring rolls. Party finger food which is utterly perfect for nibbling in between cocktails.

bar soho review

With a real fun side, Bar Soho offers a haven for all those people who want something a little different.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

After we had eaten… and enjoyed another cocktail, we were ready to get up and have a good session on the dance floor with the rest of the late night revelers. It is safe to say that Bar Soho has one of those atmospheres that is infectious!

Throughout the night the staff were all really friendly and helpful, which makes a huge difference. They also looked like they really enjoyed themselves, which only adds to the party spirit of the bar.

bar soho review

The bathroom themed seats are a real highlight for a bar that doesn't take itself too seriously.


All in all I think Bar Soho is a must if you are planning a cool night out – definitely one to impress your friends with if you want to go somewhere fun and exciting! Get the cocktails too, they are a real treat.