New bar spy - Nikki's

Tarantino Lends Inspiration To This New Shoreditch Party Spot


Last updated . By Olivia Cheves.


Now Open

Boasting colour-pop interiors and a PVC-covered bed (yeah, you heard me) Nikki's is the Shoreditch party bar your mother warned you about. The latest venture from the team that brought you underground throwback spot Blame Gloria and sweet-but-psycho cocktail enclave Tonight Joesphine, this new Hoxton Square watering hole takes its style notes from Quentin Tarantino and sleazy 80's glam. The drinks too keep it deliciously kitsch with Toasted Popcorn Sours, Pineapple Negronis and a tequila-laced XO Espresso Martini making for just a few of the eye-catching numbers on the menu. So get ready to let that mullet down and roll around on some PVC sheets because Nikki's is flashing the trash in no uncertain terms.