Mamounia Lounge Mayfair - Restaurant Bar Review

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Added on . By Katie Houghton.

A North African nook with sweeping Moroccan majesty, Mamounia Lounge is a Mayfair plot acknowledged for its bespoke clientele and plush innards. But how did it fare on the DesignMyNight front? Uh, here's a hint: damn delicious. 

The Venue:

Spoiled in rich textiles and gilded furniture, Mamounia Lounge clearly doesn't do decor by halves; this is Moroccan swank at its finest. Diners are welcomed through a shisha toting patio, past the first floor bar and down a deluxe set of velvet stairs, into one of the most opulent areas my eyes have had the luck to gaze across: Mamounia Lounge is both lush and luxury. If it sounds like I'm gushing, it's because I was. Boasting an intimate selection of dining tables alongside a main bar and stage area, Mamounia Lounge have cleverly extended the space with mirrors, a palatial trick that works without retracting from the room's dimly lit exoticism. 

mamounia lounge mayfair restaurant review

Eastern inspired decadence at its finest, the Mamounia empire is extravagant.

The Food & Drink:

Please mind me if I ramble, but I'm yet to come across a meal that I have enjoyed as much this. Kicking off with an 'Apple Bottom' and an glass of 'The Ex-Wife' (at an oh so reasonable £9.50 might I add), we were happily torn between plush pear vodka and chocolate martini-esque magic, all before tucking into a starter unlike anything I have ever tried. Torn between the sesame seed smothered goats cheese and a chicken pastilla with shredded saffron chicken, filo, almonds and cinnamon, these rich little parcels were teasing, and could have been devoured twice. Or three times. No, make that four. 

Spoiling ourselves next to a lamb and kofta tagine alongside a rich bottle of Malbec, Mamounia's main courses are but another example of their avidness for authenticity; slow cooked meats and fragrant spices are offered in their abundance. Sealing our dinner deal with a chocolate fondant and a traditional Moroccan dessert, not only were we stuffed, we were chuffed.

mamounia lounge review mayfair london

Try the chicken pastilla and their Apple Bottom cocktail for a fun blend of the rich and the fresh. 

The Atmosphere:

Belly dancers between courses? Sparklers for each and every birthday patron? The rich sounds of what feels like an authentic souk alongside traditional live Moroccan music? Mamounia Lounge was sultry to say the least. And whilst belly dancing was the last course I thought I'd be tucking into, there's something fun in the air that had me on the dance floor somewhere between mains and dessert. Blending a unique line between romantic and rowdy, Mamounia Lounge was bustling, full to brim with those that know how to tote slick outfits. Don't worry you lot, I did dress up.

mamounia lounge review london restaurant bar

Deck yourselves out and shimmy on down for plush grub, belly dancers and more.


Whilst Mamounia Lounge is evidently reserved for those that know how to tote an LBD, anyone with a taste for fine fusion food will appreciate the endeavour, and heck, as I did - truly love the edible experience. From unique service and exotic entertainment to a bustling dance floor between courses, Mamounia Lounge will spice up any evening in Mayfair, and your taste for Moroccan chow will truly soar.