Magic Mike Live

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  • The Hippodrome Casino


  • Cabaret/Burlesque, Fun Time Partying and Hen Party
  • from £44
  • Leicester Square
  • Over 18
  • Various dates from Tuesday 23rd July 2024
  • 16:00 - 23:00

One year after its acclaimed launch in Las Vegas, Channing Tatum is bringing a brand new production of Magic Mike Live to the Hippodrome Casino in London’s Leicester Square.  Conceived and co-directed by Tatum, Magic Mike Live is a large-scale, live production show based on the hit films Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, which will reopen in The Theatre at the Hippodrome Casino this Summer!

The Theatre at the Hippodrome Casino is being transformed into a magical, intimate, 325-seat performance space for Magic Mike Live.  From the bespoke entrance off Cranbourn Street, to the specially curated lounge and bar experience, to the cast of world-class performers, Magic Mike Live is a complete evening of unparalleled entertainment for guests aged 18 and up.  They will enter Magic Mike’s mythical Club Domina and marvel as a group of extraordinary artists perform a 360-degree dance and acrobatic spectacular in front of, behind, and above them.  Sexy dance routines intertwined with one-of-a-kind acts, will be presented by a diverse cast of performers from around the world for this hot new production.

Special notes

Magic Mike Live guests must be at least 18 years to attend - appropriate physical, valid photo ID will be requested on arrival at the venue. Channing Tatum will not be performing in London's Magic Mike Live.




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