1 Big Night Out London - Bar Crawl Review

Some say that pub crawls should be left behind when you graduate, but 1 Big Night Out is an insane pub crawl that is not to be missed. Showcasing a selection of the most popular party bars in central London, 1 Big Night Out appeals to tourists, London newbies and even the local crowd who realise what excellent value it is.

The Venues:

The crawl kicks off in Verve, a perfect central meeting place just by Leicester Square underground station. Upon arrival, everyone is handed a wristband, a 1 Big Night Out T-shirt (to swap graffiti scrawls on later) and a shot voucher. The bar service is quick, efficient and friendly - and with the first shot of sambuca poured, the crawl has officially begun. The next stop is the notorious Bar Soho, which serves as a taster of the area and as a good mingling venue to warm up the crowd. A longer stay in Ruby Blue follows, where the party really gets started, and inhibitions start to fade as people head to the dance floor. A trip to Bar Rumba is next, where the stripper pole is too tempting to ignore and finally the crawl makes the last stop of its boozy pilgrimage at Zoo, where the fun continues into the early hours.

1 Big Night Out Review Book Online
1 Big Night Out offers a cheap night out, stopping off at a number of bars across the West End. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele:

The bar crawl crowd varies: weekends tend to attract locals who are keen to soak up the fun and take advantage of the drinks discounts and free club entry. The enthusiastic tour guides are excellent at keeping morale and energy high, and whatever crowd comes in, they will ensure an enjoyable evening of debauchery. Each bar has a slightly different atmosphere, usually starting at the more casual end of the spectrum and finishing at party central. The ranging clientele in each place -  from corporates to tourists to party revelers - keeps things interesting and the evening is paced perfectly with the change of venues.

1 Big Night Our Review Book Online
Whatever night you decide to head out on the crawl, expect a fun lovin' and friendly crowd. 

The Music:

We are treated to a great selection to suit every stage of the crawl: early on in the night, Verve plays chart hits, getting you in the mood for fun, eventually descending into dance and house hits later on in the clubs. The friendly guides don't take no for an answer when it comes to getting people on the dancefloor and their energy is contagious. If you've never spun round a stripper pole before, you probably will have now.

1 Big Night Out London Review Book Online
The music encourages fun times and dancing throughout the night. 


1 Big Night Out is a great value bar crawl that guarantees a fun night out without the hefty price tag. The guides are some of the nicest and most entertaining around and will ensure you have a brilliant night, plus it's a great way to meet people and get a whistle-stop tour of some of London's most famous venues. At £15 a ticket and £11.50 if you book in advance, 1 Big Night Out is one bargain worth the hangover.