Drink Shop Do King's Cross - London Bar Review

Crafternoons transform into cocktail evenings on Caledonian Road. Drink underneath a disco ball as you dance to the very best of your long forgotten favourite tracks at Drink Shop & Do.

The Venue:

Drink Shop & Do embodies the unlikely but cool combination of school hall kitsch and shabby chic - all within a short stroll of Kings Cross. A myriad of mis-matched furniture fills the upstairs area, where activities including a temporary tattoo parlour and pumpkin carving take place. However on Fridays and Saturdays dancing takes centre stage, in the bar below. An overhead neon sign promises “adult and erotica”, which is more likely to come in the form of a dance-off rather than debauchery. Although cosy, you won’t feel claustrophobic - the bar is separated from the dance floor, so you don’t have to battle through bodies for another beer. Stop by the old school sweet shop at the door for a sugar hit to throw more shapes, or to get you through the last tube.

A kooky upper floor hosts creative day-time events, and the late-night debauchery unfolds in the basement.

The Drinks:

In a venue synonymous with crafting skills, their unique cocktail menu comes as no surprise. If you’re there to party, start the night with the Sazerac - its absinthe wash promises to pack a punch. The Fresh Prince is as cool as the show that it’s named after: a chilling, long drink that you’ll be glad for after an hour on the dance floor. For those flagging, the Summer Espresso Martini provides the pick me up you’ll need in their twist on the classic cocktail. Beers and ciders are mainly limited to bottles, but with a cocktail list as colourful as theirs, why would you drink anything else?

Follow the Adult & Erotica sign downstairs to a cosy basement club serving typically imaginative drinks.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

It’s hard to say if the unique appeal of Drink Shop & Do lies in its drinks, quirky decor or DJ. After all, where else can you go to hear Justin Timberlake seamlessly mixed with Toto’s Africa? The quirky setting attracts an eclectic clientele, and the sloshpots usually found in central London on a Saturday night are thankfully absent. Drink Shop & Do is an unpretentious place where bad dance moves are encouraged - it’s impossible not to have have fun. The delightful staff are determined for you to enjoy yourself. They may even take a shot of tequila with you, if you ask really nicely.

Throw on your glad rags and dance to all your favourite party classics; the atmosphere at DSD is infectious.


Drink Shop & Do is a saviour to your Saturday night, playing tracks that you can’t not sing along to and cocktails to make your mouth water. It has the charm of a place that still feels like a well-kept secret, but still attracts a crowd, so get there earlier on. With all of that and free entry before 10pm, what more could you ask for?