Mimi's Fitzrovia - London Private Member's Bar Review

Published . By Mariam S.

Sunken in the depths of fancy Fitzrovia, where new liquor licenses are hard to get and local residents no longer want the hustle bustle of noisy new clubs, I heard about a new kid in town – members-only Mimi’s – celebrating their opening night, complete with brand spanking new bells, whistles, and boozy rendez-vousing. Of course I had to delve inside and go underground to find out what’s going on and why Mimi’s have managed to stand out away from the in-crowd in that sexy, 'sought-after' postcode.


Although a private club, Mimi’s are not about that big bad bling. Sufficiently disarmed as we descended discreetly into the lower part of the venue on Newman Street by Tottenham Court Road, my friend and I were met with a relaxed, dimly-lit chic mix of retro couches with a hint of 70s swank. Eclectic digital wall-art, heady wooden finishes, a lovely wide bar with comfy booths to wash the day away in completed a sort of George Clooney at the bar in Ocean’s Eleven look that I imagine would be thumping with crowds on a Saturday night. Since it was early Friday after work, however, we were met with a quieter, lounge-y lot.

Mimi's offers a quieter, more secluded atmosphere away from their oft-crowded Fitzrovia neighbours.

Atmosphere and Clientele

It turns out Mimi’s clientele aren’t about that bling either. Happily, membership is entirely based on 1) who you came with and 2) if you’re a nice person. No air of pomp or pretension, Mimi’s just play home in a W1 postcode, absorbing all fabrics of life without the sterile client-vetting process. And so we sat – a fair bit stunned - surrounded by jeans, Converses, girly groups winding down after work, and young and easy-going TV, fashion and media professionals - all safely surrounded by all the intimate comforts of a member-only joint, making us all feel a wee bit special. Well done, Mimi’s, well done. The speakers coo unobtrusive and funky music, letting us focus on what’s important; booze, bellinis and banter.

There's no pretension or sense of entitlement when it comes to Mimi's membership policy.


Even though Mimi’s cancels out much of the pomp, they’re not short-changing on quality. Our first round of cocktails served up punchy Strawberry Mint Mojitos (£8.50) showing up head mixologist Sasha’s eye for detail and fine-quality ingredients, and swiftly reminding us we’re in the plushest part of town. Our pretty bellinis came fused with vivid ruby glows of sunken cherries, and serving up ‘Something a la Sasha’ all night came custom-made and unusual concoctions, while their upcoming menu boasts an intriguing array of avocado-based cocktails and ‘5-a-day’ liquor-filled shots. Healthy drinking, we decide, is exactly what the world needs! The drinks are seriously affordable, too, cementing Mimi’s promise of accessibility and fun times in fancy Fitzrovia. (Yes I like saying that)

Seek out Sasha and bed in for an evening of affordable cocktails.


Mimi’s are headed in the right direction with their no-fuss clientele, sexy postcode and innovative, affordable drinks. Soak it up and sink in to soft couches and retro vibes with some funky cocktails, and if you want to feel special for just being you - you champ - Mimi’s is where it's at. I'd get on their member list quickly before they change their mind!