London - a city where club dress codes take an enigma machine to crack, cocktails cost more than the average flat in Milton Keynes and queues for the latest pop up go on longer than a weekday hangover. We wouldn’t change it for the world of course, but there is still something to be said for the simplicity of a lively bar with good drinks, slightly cheesy music and decent prices. Even better if a generous happy hour is thrown in to boot. 

Enter, Be At One.


Not far from Clapham Junction Station is the Battersea Rise instalment of the Be At One chain - a rather cosy space (in the estate agent sense of the word), it boasts leather booths, wooden floors and, of course, the odd flash of exposed brick. Despite not venturing too far from the typical chain footprint, Be At One manages to be both simple and inviting, as well as having lighting dim enough to hide the fact that you couldn’t be bothered to spruce up after work. But most importantly it features a sturdy and well stocked bar and has just enough clear space for the more enthusiastic drinkers to show off their questionable dance moves should the half price cocktails do their job.

Cosy and intimate, there's still enough room for an improvised dance floor as the evening wears on.

Food & Drink:

What Be At One lacks in physical space it makes up for by having the biggest cocktail range around, and that’s not a bad trade-off we can tell you. So, if you prize vodka martinis over square footage then this is the place for you. Don’t know your Irish Disco Biscuit from your Japanese Slipper? Understandable. But not to worry - the encyclopaedic menu is sorted into easy to decipher sections meaning the only thing you have to worry about is what to try next. And if you’re thinking that it’s going to be a case of quantity over quality, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. These guys may have a bottle collection to rival your alcoholic grandparent’s liquor cabinet but the results are a far cry from what you conjured up behind Grandma’s back when you were 15. Delicious and expertly made, just don’t try to work your way through them all…

A catalogue of classics and innovative libations alike are up for grabs at B@1.

The Atmosphere:

If ever there was a place to bring truth to the phrase fun and cheerful then Be At One is it. Unlike the pretentious bars where you are expected to whisper into your triple filtered vodka, the people who have stumbled their way here have done so with the aim to have a good time - bar staff included. With enthusiasm reminiscent of a Malia bar rep (but without the obnoxiousness) these guys truly want you to enjoy yourself. And it works. Office workers quickly remove their ties along with their inhibitions and before you know it you’re revealing too much about your personal life to Julie in finance. That isn’t to say that the place lacks class – you’re in a London cocktail bar, not a Weatherspoon’s after all.

Kick back, relax and watch these handsome chaps whip up a cocktail storm.


Take affordable well-mixed drinks, add friendly bar staff, a dash of atmosphere and Be At One is officially a cocktail you’ll want to get on board with (see what we did there?). Ok, cringe-inducing metaphors aside – if you are looking for stiff cocktails and a good night out then this is a choice that will leave you with no regrets, other than that unshakeable headache of course…