64th and Social - London Cocktail Bar Review

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Last updated . By Laura Jean Buckley.

Within the wondrous world of Clapham High Street, nestled between a labyrinth of bars and clubs, 64th and social goes against the grain with its chic and sleek, predominantly black, wonderfully simplistic design.


If you walk in and it’s quiet, you’re quite simply in the wrong bar. Laid back yet fun loving, 64th and Social accommodates a perfectly balanced atmosphere of comfortable and cool - so whether you’re sipping on a coupette of ‘Millionaire’  or a sling of ‘suicider mojito’, you can be assured you’ll be doing it in an effortlessly cool, relaxed environment with an all-round, good-time vibe. 



The chic predominantly black entrance of 64th and Social 

The Venue

The minimalistic black motif walls with occasional exposed brick and low-slung lighting gives the bar a cool, New York style edge; but it’s the laid back friendly crowds and sociable atmosphere that makes this bar notably, and wonderfully, different. This bar likes to sell itself on how it's not about who designed it, who owns it, or even where it's located, but about the people that drink in it, party in it and spend their time being SOCIAL in it, and quite frankly, it is exactly that.

The front bar isn't huge - but we all know that size isn't everything - and actually, it makes no difference to the swiftness of service and acts as a superb catalyst to meet new people and strike up new conversation. But as you walk to the back you’ll find, surprisingly, it opens up tremendously, with two large floors - one above you, and one below. So with plenty of room to get your boogie on - especially on the basement dance floor - you can dance the night away to the DJ’s mixes of renowned House, Breaks, Funk, and NU-Disco classics. Oh, and of course an essential dose of cheese. 



 The Front bar has a wide variety of cocktails to choose from

The Drinks

With a whole host of (quite literally) award winning cocktails on offer, by (quite literally) award winning mixologists, it’s clear the bar tenders push the boundaries of cocktail-norm, with titillating concoctions from the refreshing ‘stinging nettle bramble’ to the indulgent ‘popcorn treacle’.  But whatever you’re poison, you’ll be sure to note the fascinating aroma each cocktail holds (personally, I think the Parma Violet -lavender smelling one is best), and it’s this alcoholic spritz of stunning, olfaction-arousing perfume that really gives these cocktails that extra special sparkle you won’t find anywhere else.


The aesthetics of the cocktails are notably superlative


So, for those on the search for somewhere sporting swift service, superb cocktails and a satisfying social, look no further because 64th and Social doesn't just have it all, it smells like sweets too!