Zetter Townhouse - Cocktail Bar Review London

By Bar Hopper.

I like the Zetter Townhouse. I have liked the Zetter Townhouse from my first visit just a few weeks after it opened. Was it because my friend paid for the all drinks? Was it the quirky decorative touches strewn around the bar? Or was it simply the option to play table tennis in between sipping your divine cocktails? With the winning combination of 69 Colebrook Row€™s Tony Conigliaro and Camille Hobby-Limon of The Charles Lamb London pub, how could this cocktail lounge not be a success?!

Expectations were established at the mention of its Clerkenwell location, an area is packed with graphic designers, funky furniture stores, unusual print houses. As such I expected a crowd who would preen and pose through the night; I was very wrong. The crowd on every visit has been a mixture of hotel guests (just across the square is Zetter Hotel), locals and those who just enjoy a damn fine cocktail.

The Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell London is an elegant British cocktail lounge to discover.

As you enter the €œboutique country house€ through the discreet door of a Georgian building, a wide room opens out with a stuffed kangaroo here, a portrait of the Queen also acting as a fire-exit sign there and in between a jumble of comfortable antique sofas and armchairs. It is often suggested that you should book ahead but I have never had a problem finding somewhere to perch my cocktail teapot, or myself for that matter.  The lighting is bright enough to read the menu yet subtle enough to set a private tone to the place. Bag yourself a couch and a menu, because once you start reading you will want to try everything, and table service will bring it all to your seat.

Sit back and sip delicious cocktail at The Zetter Townhouse Bar in London. 

As for the menu, I have tried most of it and at £8.50 each (plus service) it does not break the bank. They made some €œwinter€ changes recently to the horror of some stead worthy fans however the classics stayed and the menu was boosted by a Gooseberry bellini in replacement of the rhubarb €“ they are out until next year€™s season. They have also added a cocktail made simply of eucalyptus and cognac and this simply blew everyone away. As it arrived the smell set off recollections of cough syrup and cola cube sweets, the taste was divine. If cocktails are not your preferred choice they have some unusual bottled beers and wines by the glass. And if you plan to make it through a few of their libations the nibbles menu is not half bad either, coming from Bistro Bruno Loubet across the square.

There is a room set off the main lounge that can be hired either for a group to mingle or can be set up with a large dining room table. Downstairs offers the games room with table tennis for the traditional and a television and games consoles to bring you out of your Victorian reverie.

The Zetter Townhouse, offering a little more than your local Wetherspoons pub. 

Although it is open late, this is perhaps not the best place to warm up for a big night out. Not only does it lend more appeal to an intimate tete-a-tete, the comfortable furniture, delicious cocktails and chilled out vibe will leave you reclining in your seat and reaching for the nibbles. However, drop by after work, after dinner before winding down for the night or even better on an afternoon off to enjoy a slow journey to €œcontentment through cocktail€. Take a friend or two and earn yourself brownie points for this central London discovery.