Inamo Soho - London Restaurant Bar Review

With many of us struggling to make it through an episode of The Office US without tapping at our smartphone, it makes sense for a restaurant to satisfy our appetite and addiction to screens at the same time. Enter Inamo: the interactive dining experience.

The Venue

Snug in the heart of Soho is Inamo: where taste and technology collide. The Asian-fusion eatery puts ordering back in your hands, without having to wave down a waiter. Using an interactive table top, you summon everything from a starting cocktail to Chicken Satay. The clickwheel can be a little clunky to use at first - you’ll get an an insight into how your gran felt when you tried to teach her how to email, but you soon get the hang of it. A cosy down-lit layout makes going to the loo something of an obstacle course, buts adds to the overall intimate vibe at Inamo. Fighting over what table “screensaver” to set adds an extra element of playfulness to your evening. Spoiler: the starfish is the arguably the best.

Set your own digital placemats and place your orders via Inamo's pioneering system.

The Food and Drink

Combining elements from Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine, there’s something to appeal to every fan of Asian food at Inamo. The same can be said about their extensive drinks list, with something for everyone. Start with a cocktail as you get to grips with the interactive table top: choose the Kodama for a crisp refreshment or the Ringoberi Mojito if you want a drink that also satisfies your sweet tooth. The small sharing plates are ideal if you can’t make your mind up, so you can make your way through the Wagu Sliders AND the Seafood Gyozas without entering a food coma. A genuinely good house wine is often hard to find, but Inamo make it easy with a deliciously smooth Terrassa Tempranillo, that suits every course from Sweet and Sour Seabass to Chicken Satay. The desserts are as dramatic as they are delicious - order the Baked Alasparkla for an extra “sparkle” at the end of your meal.

A haven for fans of Asian cuisine, Inamo also serves creative cocktails and top-quality house wines.

The Atmosphere and Clientéle

Thanks to its location in central Soho, Inamo attracts all sorts of people from passing foot traffic. From amourous dates to Americans still enamoured with our accent, you’re bound to find an eclectic mix of people inside. As everyone is entertained with the unusual ordering system, the atmosphere bubbles with laughs and the occasional “oh no!” as someone accidentally orders an extra side of Sashimi instead of another beer. This makes Inamo ideal for catching up with friends and especially first dates, as the interactive environment acts as a much better icebreaker than “so tell me about yourself”. The lowered overhead lighting and reflection from the table tops lights up faces like the Blair Witch Project. However the only horror is if they don’t have a table, as with food that good and a place that fun, you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Inamo's ideal location and unique dining experience creates a cheerful atmosphere.


With a menu that’s sure to satisfy your palate and a genuinely entertaining premise, Inamo will engage your appetite and your curiosity. Make sure you book ahead, as it won’t take long for the Soho crowds to click with this unique dining experience.