24/7 Club: We're Looking For London Insiders

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If uncovering secret bars is your jam?

Obsessed with all things unusual?

Know the hottest restaurants that just opened?

Sounds like you'd be the perfect fit for the DesignMyNight 24/7 Club; our inner circle of ambassadors who have their finger on the pulse and showcase the best things to do in London.

 Terms and conditions apply.


What is the 24/7 Club?

- As a member of DesignMyNight's 24/7 Club, we want your feedback on events and venues. In exchange, you'll receive access to exclusive perks. The more reviews you leave? The more perks you'll be eligible for.

- We ask that members review restaurants, bars and events bookable through DesignMyNight.com in order to be included in our monthly 24/7 Club blog.

- Membership to the 24/7 Club is not a paid role or employment at DesignMyNight.


What’s in it for you?

- Did we mention the perks? Members can gain access to exclusive rewards such as free drinks at your favourite bar, guest lists at events and launches, DesignMyNight merch plus much more.

- The best member reviews will be featured in a monthly 24/7 Club blog for all of our 3.9 million monthly users to see.

- Active reviewers who leave more than 5 reviews per month will gain access to extra perks.

- You'll get a shiny profile badge for all your 24/7 Club reviews.


What do we need from you?

- Us Londoners are busy bees, and we know you have a lot on. We only ask that 24/7 Club members leave a minimum of 3 reviews each month.

- Minimum word count for a review is 100; we want to know exactly what you thought, from the food and drinks to the service and atmosphere.

- Members who attend an event or venue on behalf of DMN 24/7 Club would generally be asked to leave a review and tag @designmynight in any social media content posted as a result of this invitation.

- Applicants will be selected based on a number of criteria; including knowledge of London, passion for hospitality, and writing ability. So, tell us all about yourself and why you'd be the perfect person for this programme.


DesignMyNight 24/7 Club

24/7 Club Member FAQs 

Can I tell my mates I work for DesignMyNight?

We have an in-house marketing team who produce epic content from 9-5. The 24/7 Club is not any form of employment or paid role, so please do not use our name to get into venues or attend events – this could lead to a ban from the 24/7 Club. While we’re happy for members to mention us on socials, this should not reference payment.

I want to access all of my reviews in one place, can I do that?

Absolutely - when logged in, head to ‘My Account’ (you’ll see your name in the top right-hand corner) and click on ‘My Reviews’.

I can’t find a venue or event on the website, can you help?

If you’re looking for a London listing, make sure you’re using the DesignMyNight London site and type the venue or event name into the search box that reads ‘I am looking for…’ However, if the listing isn’t bookable through DesignMyNight, then you won’t find it on our website.

I can’t log in, how do I access my account?

You can either head to the log in pagereset your password if you've forgotten it, or sign up if you don't have an account with us.

How do I contact the 24/7 Club team?

Members are always welcome to drop us a line at 247club@designmynight.com and we’ll be in touch.