New bar spy - Wheeler's of St James's

Marco Pierre White is opening a second restaurant in Liverpool

Wheeler's of St James's

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November 2017

What they say:

Following the success of Chapel Street Steakhouse and Grill, Marco Pierre White has decided to open a second Liverpool restaurant. This time the focus will be on seafood as the famous chef brings his Wheeler's brand to Monarchs Quay's swish Pullman Hotel. Opening this November, the new restaurant will have space for 120 people and views over the water. Expect dishes that include lobster, oysters and fresh seafood. 

What we say:

Wheeler's has been around since 1856, feeding Londoners seafood and bubbly for more than a century. Since Marco Pierre White has taken over the brand, the restaurant has had a shake up; yes, it still serves lavish seafood dishes, but it also has fun plates such as lobster macaroni and truffle or mango and coriander fish curry. Wheeler's at the Pullman Hotel is the first of the brand's restaurants to be established outside of London and will be another fine dining addition to Liverpool.