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Hudson House serves fresh seafood dishes in the heart of Liverpool's Beetham Plaza

Hudson House

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What they say:

Hudson House hopes to bring a fresh feel to the heart of Liverpool, setting up shop in the city's Beetham Plaza and serving its visitors a variety of seafood dishes. The new restaurant has opened in the former digs of the old Heathcote site and promises its guests an opulent dining experience, complete with fresh oysters, flavoursome lobster dishes and pan-fried helpings of seasonal fish. To really appeal to all types of dinners, the creativity extends to the venue's drinks menu, where guests can find a variety of signature cocktails and fine wines. 

What we say:

It's clear from the off that Hudson House is hoping to grab a slice of Liverpool's 'fine-dining' cake. The menu of fresh dishes works well with the airy, light decorations to create a serene dining spot and the list of fine wines supports the great seafood dishes curated by the chefs. Of course, the central location will help the venue to find its feet. But if the team at Hudson House hope to rise to the top of Liverpool's culinary ladder, they'll have to make sure the restaurant's high standards don't dip. A tall order but one that looks likely in our eyes.