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Halloumi Heroes Hafla Hafla Set To Open Restaurant

Hafla Hafla

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Summer 2018

What they say:

Hafla Hafla have become a widely-known name amongst Liverpool foodies as thousands have come to their stall at Baltic Market to taste their signature halloumi fries; they once went through half a tonne of halloumi in a week. Since then, customers have savoured falafel, shakshuka, and other traditional Israeli dishes with a Hafla spin. Their first restaurant venture coming this summer from the local team will bring these crowd favourites together with a selection of hometown craft beers. 

What we say:

Sticking with the market flair, Hafla Hafla plan to have an outdoor rooftop terrace in their standalone restaurant. Opening up shop on Lark Lane will be rewarding for the team who started with a stand made of five planks of wood and a homemade sign. Customers have the choice of falafel wraps, mezze boxes, lamb shawarmas and more from the menu. And to those who visit the Baltic Market weekly, don't fret, because their stand will continue to pump out the halloumi fries you can't live without.