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Pan-Asian restaurant Tiger Rock Hawker opens a second site in Liverpool's beating city centre

Tiger Rock Hawker

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What they say:

Having reached new heights with their first restaurant opening 12 months ago, Vikki and Kean Teh have now created a second Tiger Rock Hawker restaurant in Liverpool's city centre. Based on North John Street, the new site will continue in the light of its sister venue, serving pan-Asian dishes that touch every corner of the Far East. To support the authentic flavours on offer, the team have stocked their shiny new bar with fine wine, Asian beers and a range of bellinis that are made fresh every night. 

What we say:

Tiger Rock Hawker is a restaurant that defies convention. Most of the time, when you hear of a venue serving Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese and Laotian dishes all on the same menu, you immediately roll your eyes and picture the worst. We all know by now that the best restaurants focus their efforts on mastering one type of cuisine. But the first Tiger Rock Hawker venue - which opened 12 months ago - proves this wrong. The great flavours and authenticity of the brand made it an overnight hit; it's this popularity that's providing the fuel for the new site on North John Street. If the team here can avoid the trap of simply confusing the distinct flavours and lumping all the dishes into one 'Asian' category, we reckon they'll mirror the success of their sister restaurant.