The UK's cheesiest burger is coming to Liverpool

Added on . By Tom Capon.

The Cheesiest Burger in the UK Fromagemas in Byron Liverpool

This is not the burger we deserve, but the burger that we need right now.

Some people dream of becoming an astronaut, others of winning the lottery – I dream of cheese. 95% of my brain functions are used thinking about cheese and the other 5% are only activated when I finally do eat cheese. So I must have been a good boy this year, as Byron Hamburger in Liverpool are releasing their Christmas menu with what's set to be the UK’s cheesiest burger.

A bold claim, sure, but on their ‘Cheesemas’ menu is The Fromagemas, a burger of such epic cheese-itutde that cardiologists have night terrors about it. You take a delicious burger patty, pile on TEN levels of cheese – some of which are Cheddar and Red Leicester from Barber’s, the oldest cheddar creators in the world – before a hot jug of Byron Cheese is smothered all over the patty. This comes in at £11, but for just £13.50 you can double the patties and halve your lifespan. And if you want to take the cheese to the next level (yes, there’s another level), you can grab everything from mac and cheese bites to Cheescake Freakshake. The amount of alkaline you’ll need to rebalance your body is ungodly but, cheez, it will be so worth it.  

You can get The Fromagemas and the rest of Cheesemas menu at Byron Liverpool until 2nd January 2018.