The Best Pizza in England has been named and it's in Liverpool

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Amalia Winner of Best Pizza at the Italian Awards

Best Pizza is probably the most sacred of all food awards.

Pizza is the people’s food: it's a carby meal of pure joy, somehow capable of holding any possible topping combination, that's literally designed to be shared with your friends, or it's the life saving disc of cheese and bread after you've accidentally drunk ten pints in the pub. But the best pizza in England? Surely that’s the holy grail your taste buds will never find?

Well, according to the Italian Awards 2017, we’ve got it.

Italian restaurant Amalia on Campbell Street has been awarded the Best Pizza in the country for the THIRD year in a row. Known for their classic Italian food, they’ve got a pizza menu as long as your arm, from the simple classics – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it – to the slightly more experimental, like the Sfizio, coming topped with creamy blue cheese, anchovies, capers and chilli flakes (is it possible to marry a pizza?), as well as pepperoni one coated in chips. They’re also known for the Calzone Challenge: packed full of vegetables, mince meat, tomato and loads of cheese, it comes to you weighing a whole 5lbs. That’s the size of a small baby. But if there was anywhere that deserved to give you the mother of all food babies, it’s probably the winner of the Best Pizza in England.

Amalia, winner of Best Pizza at the Italian Awards, can be found on Campbell Street in Liverpool.