A Magical Brunch Is Coming To A Secret Liverpool Location

Published . By Faith Strickland.

The Wizard's Brunch Liverpool

Discover your magical side at this magic-themed brunch.

While it may not be delivered by an owl, this invitation to a themed brunch is no less magical. The Wizard's Brunch has already cast its spell over witches and wizards in Australia and Canada and now has its sights set on the UK. And these guys go all out; taking over incredible historic locations the world over, the brunch and dinner parties transform them into the Great Hall, from floating candles to the teacher's head table.

Entertainment is equally as spellbinding, with previous events hosting fire breathers, aerial performances, and live snakes and owls. Guests are expected to take part and dress up as fictional characters, magical beasts, and mythical creatures. And along with brunch, there's spell casting, potions lessons, and fortune tellers.

The Wizard's Brunch is coming to a secret location in Liverpool - sign up for tickets here.