Crazy Pedro's Has Created A Full-English Pizza

Added on . By Olivia Cheves.

crazy pedros liverpool full english breakfast pizza

Why have a full-English on a plate when you can have it on a pizza?

Unless your New Year's resolution was "improve chances of heart disease", you may want to look away now, because Crazy Pedro's is here to tempt you off that get fit/clean-eating path you're heading down. Having already supplied the city with a fair share of bizarre pizza options - anyone remember that Cadbury Creme Egg offering? - not to mention choosing Comic Sans as the font of choice for its website, this latest seasonal special from Liverpool's most colourful pizza parlour is a grease-covered, baked-bean-dribbling, full-English fry up pizza.

Consisting of a classic Pedro's base covered in English sausage, black pudding, smoked bacon, hash browns and baked beans, the aptly-named 'Re-Tox', is the antidote to personal betterment this 2018, because although it may be a new year, it's still the same old Pedro's.

The Re-Tox is available from Crazy Pedro's Pizza Parlour, 25 Parr Street, Ropewalks, Liverpool, L1 4JN.