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Pizzeria TriBeCa is closing down and being replaced by an après-ski party bar

Cabin Bar

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What they say:

The nightlife gods giveth, the nightlife gods taketh away: while we all shed a tear for city centre pizzeria TriBeCa closing down, let’s all rejoice as its replacement seems freaking awesome. The first of its kind in Liverpool, prepare to be whisked away to the alps as they open Porky’s Ski Hutte, an apres-ski inspired venue.

What we say:

Details are thin on the ground right now but we do know one thing: après-ski lodges are party central. After a long day skiing in the mountains, people head there to relax – and by relax, we mean drink shed loads of beer, bubbly, and jagermeister to create one of the most notorious European party cultures. We’re probably getting more of this, plus the promise of live music to shake those chills away. Who needs a holiday anyway?