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Restaurant Bar With On-site Brewery Opens In The Baltic Triangle

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What they say:

Housed inside an old warehouse, this drinking and dining haven is the latest addition to the flourishing food and drink scene of the Baltic Triangle. Home to a brewery, a distillery, three bars, a kitchen and a retail outlet, this spacious, industrially-decorated venue became a valued part of the entire Liverpudlian community before it even opened. The new base of the beloved Higson's Brewery, which closed down in the 1990's, owner and entrepreneur Stephen Crawley has reinvented the Higson's brand to bring new life to an old classic. The 'H1780' in the name of the venue represents the 'H' in Higson's and the year the brewery was first active.

What we say:

Home to the revived Higson's Brewery, H1780 Tap & Still is predicted to become the new beating heart of Liverpool's burgeoning Baltic Triangle. Housing both a brewery and a distillery, H1780 represents the homegrown character of the area that is fast becoming the cultural capital of an already cultured city. With delicious modern British food from lauded former Darsham Nurseries Cafe chef James Dodds, this airy and industrial warehouse space has found the perfect balance between much-loved tradition and fresh ideas.