Retro Classics And Flatbread Pizza: It's Game On At Roxy Arcade

If you know Roxy, then you know the name to be synonymous with competitive beer pong, over-zealous table tennis and photobooth antics. Well, the good news is that they’ve taken it one step further - as if at all possible - and scooped up the unit next door to their spot on Merrion Street. In the space that was formerly The Pit, you’ll now find Roxy Arcade; a pizza bar filled with 90s-style gaming joy.

Roxy Arcade Leeds

An evening of tipples and nibbles is no longer enough for us endorphin-seeking city folk.

The first port of call for all your favourite childhood arcade games in one place - 30 of them in fact - Roxy Arcade is packed with Street Fighter, Space Invaders, Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. There's even air hockey and karaoke booths (a bargain at £6 per hour). As if that wasn’t enough to keep you going for hours on end, there's also 18ft shuffleboards and Olympic-sized butterfly ping pong tables for those who aren’t a fan of the old-school pixel screen vibe. 

Roxy Arcade Leeds

All the slices; because playing games is hungry work.

Roxy Arcade will set you back £6 for 8 tokens, and most of the games are only a token per play. So for the price of a cinema ticket, it’s certainly worth grabbing a group of friends and trying something new on your next squad night out. In true Roxy style, the flatbread pizza is the perfect accompaniment and there are 15 beer lines to quench your thirst as you game the night away. Games night out is the new games night in, didn't you hear?

Roxy Arcade is open from Wednesday to Sunday at 9 Merrion Street, LS1 6PQ.