Just because we've all seen plenty of pigs and horses dancing in their underwear on YouTube, doesn't mean that any of us have seen anything like Hooray Cabaret's Animal Farm. Trust me. Found at golden powerhouse Moth Club, we headed on down for something completely, and utterly different. 

The Event and Acts

Less dystopian George Orwell, and more people getting their kecks off in the name of entertainment, Victoria Kember (adorned in Prosecco-full milk bottles and ending the night in cream covered cups) rounded up her trough-loving-troop and made us feel right at ease as we watched a pig take her clothes off. I'm not being mean, you just haven't lived until you've watched a wonderfully curvy woman scoff carrots and dance in a trough on stage in delicate lace underwear. 

Animal themed, the selection of burlesque performers ranged between lizard and flamingo, to puppy and pig, all flitting between comedy and unrivaled titillation. That's what people came for after all, as a lizard laid her clothes to the sound of political clips and dubstep, while a puppy head adorned ani-mistress shook and shimmied tassles like tassles have never been shaken before.hooray cabaret review london

Comperes, cows and cackling. Hooray Cabaret nails it when it comes to unique entertainment in London.

In the shape of comedy, one slightly heckled act aside (some jabs need be left at the door), Hooray Cabaret absolutely nailed names the likes of Leo Karse, a chap who had the crowd cackling with his honest dating quips, and issues. I don't think I could pick a favourite out of the them all, but playing a game of 'ANIMAL OR PORN' to screaming clips and ducks cackling was a firm event topper. Telling between two ducks having a fight and a sound clip from Shaving Ryan's Privates is so much harder than you might think.

Rounding off the night, and leaving my boyfriend with split sides was event headliner Bec Hill. With no time for those with a lack of liberalism, only delicious daftness, Bec Hill's Edith Piaf picture parody of 'No Regrets' was light, juicy and jovial. We don't know where you found 'em all Victoria, but we liked them, we liked them lots. 


Call me a voyeur, call me a pervert or call me good old fashioned fun, I love a cabaret and burlesque night, and Hooray Cabaret really stepped up the mark not only when it came to theming, but when it came to atmosphere in general. I'll never jab at the glitz and glamour of most cabaret nights, you can go to Proud for most of that, but if you want to heckle, watch a dog dance or uncover the truth behind London's lizard people, Hooray Cabaret is the place for it.