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Vinyard 28 blossoms into Glasgow's culinary scene

VinYard 28

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What they say:

Opening over the bones of Bloody Mardy's, Vinyard 28 is the latest addition to Glasgow's already-impressive West End. The distinctly rustic theme is propped up by exposed brick walls, chunky beams of wood and industrial decor, and the venue's diverse menu of tapas-style traditional dishes draws in hungry crowds from across the city; think crab linguine and lamb rump with borlotti and green beans. Crucially, the culinary experience here is balanced out by the restaurant's carefully crafted cocktail, fine wine and craft beer menu. 

What we say:

Experienced restaurateur Lawrence McManus is the driving force behind Vinyard 28, having already excelled with his previous Glaswegian ventures, Epicures, Nick's and Old Salty's. His many years in the business will of course prove to be invaluable in an area as competitive as the West End. But for a restaurant that places such emphasis on its food, consistently producing high quality, flavoursome dishes is the only way to wash off the 'new-kid-on-the-block' target that's on their back. Only time will tell as to whether Vinyard 28 becomes a favourite spot for the city's revellers.