Halloumi Greek-Cypriot sharing plates coming to central Glasgow
161 Hope Street, Glasgow, G22 UQ
Happily Affordable
Type of Venue

What they say:

Halloumi is a new Greek-Cypriot restaurant that will be opening on Hope Street in mid-August. The restaurant will focus on smaller sharing dishes such as dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with meats and cheese) and scallops and prawns; many of the ingredients will be homegrown and local. 

What we say:

Set to open in central Glasgow in August, Halloumi will be bringing a new flavour to the city. Opened by a Greek and Cypriot family, you know that food will be authentic and a real taste of the Mediterranean. The sharing plates will be a great way to experience lots of different flavours and will also make dining an even more social experience.