New bar spy - The Botanist

A-listed building lined up for new Living Ventures restaurant

The Botanist

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What they say:

This venue has since opened as The Trading House.

Living Ventures have kept pretty tight-lipped about this Saint Vincent Place opening up to now, but we do know that there will be room for a spacious dining area, an open kitchen and an alcohol tasting room throughout the venue’s two floors.

What we say:

Glasgow looks set for another eye-catching eating out option with the opening of Living Ventures’ The Botanist. The Group has made waves in London and their home city of Manchester, and they’re also to thank for the Grill on the Corner and Bothwell Street’s Gusto. There’s a lot still to be determined with their latest opening, but talk of a restaraunt, beer cellar and open-plan kitchen in an A-listed building has certainly got us interested.