Steak, Cattle & Roll Burger connoisseurs Steak, Cattle & Roll sets up shop on stylish Sauchiehall Street
321 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3HW
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What they say:

Inspired by America's swinging diners of the turbulent 1950s, Steak, Cattle & Roll has slowly been working its way up Glasgow's illustrious culinary scene. The team behind this eatery now opens up shop in the heart of Sauchiehall street, hoping to appeal to the city's late night pleasure seekers. With a few additional tweaks and twists, their chefs have created a wonderful menu, bursting full of intriguing dishes and quirky creations. Whether you're tucking into a mouth-watering Mac 'n' Cheese filled burger or chomping your way through a deep-fried corn dog slathered in oozing cheese and smoked bacon, you'll leave ready to burst and with a smile etched across your condiment-stained face. Their incredible ingredients and devil-may-care attitude is without a doubt a winning combination.

What we say:

Sauchiehall Street seems to have become one of the trendiest spots in the entire city. New bars and restaurants are constantly opening and all seem to be targeting Glasgow's young, up-and-coming crowd. Steak, Cattle & Roll is no different. Separating them from the rest is their wonderfully bizarre menu. Twisted beyond recognition in some cases, their quirky infusion of spices and intriguing combination of otherwise contrasting ingredients has certainly added an extra bit of character to these classic diner meals. Irn Bru milkshakes are just the start. Their chefs seem to have no boundaries and are hell-bend on producing the latest medley of random flavours. This will definitely keep them relevant, unique and above the unforgivingly high water mark that is Glasgow's dinner industry.