New bar spy - Pizza Punks

The pizza revolution has arrived at Pizza Punks on St Vincent Street and it's bringing endless toppings...

Pizza Punks

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What they say:

Pizza Punks has started a Glaswegian revolution - as many toppings as you like for a flat fee. From Italian prosciutto to fresh seafood, guests can pimp up their stone-baked pizza however they fancy. The restaurant have renovated an old Barclay's bank on St Vincent Street, creating space for 160 diners as well as a cocktail bar. Aside from pizza, there is wood-fired roasts, a breakfast menu and a Glasgow first, tank beer.

What we say:

Thought you'd heard all there was to hear about pizza? Thought you'd munched your way through all the Hawaiian pizzas a Glaswegian could manage? Well think again, Pizza Punks are mixing up the food scene by letting diners choose as many toppings as they like for one flat fee. Gone are the days of feeling weird about adding goat's cheese to your pizza, now you can order whatever and as many as you like for one price - an idea so simple and effective, we can't believe it hasn't caught on sooner.