New bar spy - Epoch

Epoch is bringing global sharing plates to Glasgow's Princes Square


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What they say:

The historic Princes Square is gaining a new addition in the form of Epoch. The restaurant and bar will be serving food from around the world, with both smaller sharing plates and larger dishes for more selfish diners. While they won’t skimp on service, they are hoping to create a relaxed, family friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. If you’re unsure about what to order, the venue will offer tasting menus that come with the option of wine pairings for each course.

What we say:

Princes Square won Building of the Century at Scotland’s Festival of Architecture last year, so any addition to the square will hopefully be as beautiful as its surroundings. Settling into the courtyard, the venue hopes to catch hungry shoppers and foodies alike. This means that the restaurant will be completely family friendly – so exhausted, shopping parents can rejoice in one of their artisanal coffees. The restaurant will focus on cuisine from around the world, while the bar will be serving up a number of great beers, wines and cocktails.