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Doner Haus is bringing fancy, Berlin-style kebabs to Glasgow

Doner Haus

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What they say:

Following on from 'Babs, Glasgow is getting another fancy kebab spot. Doner Haus first opened in Sunderland and will be coming to Glasgow this September with their Berlin-style of kebabs. The menu will include a selection of chicken meat wraps, and beef and turkey meat options along with traditional German dishes such as wurst and platte - a foot-long sausage served with fries. 

What we say:

If you've ever been to Berlin, you will know the kebabs are something to behold. Now, we don't need a flight to taste those delicious kebabs as Doner Haus brings a taste to Glasgow. The new restaurant is taking over the spot formerly occupied by Giraffe on West Nile Street and will serve juicy kebabs along with vegetarian options. Drinks will have a European twist as Bavarian beer is served in steins while there is also a cocktail list which includes boozy milkshakes.