New bar spy - Ardnamurchan Restaurant & Bar

Glasgow's new Ardnamurchan restaurant showcases the very best of Scotland with ingredient-led menu

Ardnamurchan Restaurant & Bar

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What they say:

Ardnamurchan Restaurant and Bar is the latest venue to open in Glasgow, promising a menu that revolves around the finest Scottish meats, seafood and vegetables the chefs can get their hands on. Sitting in the middle of the city, the entire restaurant was inspired by the west coast peninsula of Ardnamurchan, an area known for its game and where one of the owner's family has lived for over ten generations. To keep with the Scottish theme, guests can expect to find a handful of traditional recipes on offer, including haggis with wild vegetables and a dark whisky sauce, and Ardnamurchan-estate venison carpaccio. 

What we say:

This idea of going back to basics and focusing on quality from the bottom up is a trend that's proved to be quite popular over the last few years. If you know the ingredients are of the highest quality, you're halfway there to serving a brilliant meal. That's the thinking behind a spot like Ardnamurchan. Tradition runs through the very soul of this new Hope Street venue, but it's the quirks and curveballs on the menu that excites us most. The seasoned Szechuan pepper squid might sound as far removed from Scotland as possible, but this dish still made using the same Scottish ingredients as the others on the menu. We're hoping for big things from this new city centre restaurant.