St. Luke's Take us to Church: multi-purpose venue earmarked for Autumn opening
17 Bain Street, Glasgow, G40 2JZ

What they say:

The venture will transform one of the city’s oldest churches into a cool and contemporary hangout. Brothers Michael and Tony Woods are calling the shots, as they create a versatile new venue fit to host major bands, artists and comics. In The Winged Ox, St. Luke’s will also host a headline bar and restaurant, finished with a spacious outdoor piazza with viewing area for a few al fresco antics.

What we say:

The East End makes a bold statement with the introduction of this multi-purpose entertainment venue. With a £1.2million investment poured in, St. Luke’s will combine history with the latest in cutting-edge design to turn heads all over the city. The community is at the core of this one – the project has created dozens of new jobs – and with 5 weddings booked in more than two months before opening date, people are queuing up to be the first to experience it.